Ladies Banquet & 30th Anniversary

The Master, Wardens and Clerk along with invited guests.

Our busy year of events, drew to a close with the fabulous Ladies Banquet and celebration of our 30th Anniversary of becoming a livery company at the end of November at The Stationers’ Hall.

Among the 120 attendees were visiting Masters Mr Robert Woodthorpe-Browne MBE (and his wife Barbara) of the World Traders and Mr Charles Miller (and consort Ms Camilla Brace) of the Tobacco Pipemakers and Tobacco Blenders. Mr Miller passed around a silver snuff box affixed to handlebar antlers so that attendees could sample his company’s wares, despite the smoking ban!

After a sumptuous dinner in the splendid hall, Members and guests were entertained by our after dinner speaker, the renowned crime fiction writer Lesley Thomson. Lesley’s primary character Stella Darnell is an accidental detective and owner of a cleaning business. Lesley told everyone about the crime fiction writing process and how Stella came to be her main protagonist.

Lesley Thomson delivers her after dinner speech.

Lesley was given a replica of the Womble, Great Uncle Bulgaria; the Master’s mascot. She said it was “an appropriate emblem for the warm, friendly atmosphere; those involved with cleaning are an inclusive crowd”.

This was a special event, and we look forward to celebrating plenty more significant birthdays.

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