Speed Read (10th August)

Abseiling fundraisers, questionable handicaps, cricketing challenges & the election of our new Lord Mayor!

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The Sky’s The Limit! Or perhaps that should be the ground?

For reasons known only to themselves, 5 brave souls – and members of our Livery Company – will risk life and limb (hope they don’t read this!) in pursuit of raising £5,000 for the Lord Mayor’s Appeal by abseiling The Leadenhall Building on 8th September 2017.

Extensive research has revealed that this formidable building – nicknamed ‘The Cheesegrater” and the third highest in London and the UK – has a slopey side and a sheer, vertical drop side. It is currently unclear down which our intrepid five will descend, but descend they will.

Members are invited to support our team with donations towards their target. The Virgin Money donation link can be accessed by clicking here.





The Worshipful Company Golf Day will take place at Brookmans Park on 7 September and any interested parties can find more information by following this link or by contacting Past Master Emeritus Peter Robb directly at

Peter will also offer a prize for the most creative plea for a lenient handicap!




Inter-Livery Cricket goes ‘inter’ next year!

After a great deal of deliberation, the Cricket Committee has proposed to the Master and Court that the planned inaugural inter-Livery Cricket Tournament will be re-scheduled to 2018. The Committee felt that it was important to ensure that the first event was a resounding success and, to give it an appropriate chance of being so, it was crucial that things were not rushed.

The Committee will be expanded to capture more skill sets and to fairly distribute workload and planning is already underway for the event with a date to be announced in the not too distant future.

Anyone interested in playing, attending, sponsoring or being otherwise involved should contact either John Horton or Phil Smith.


Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!

Intrinsic in the life of the Livery and City of London are the elections of the Sheriffs and Lord Mayor. Liveryman are requested to gather at Guild Hall on 29th September for the 2017 Election of the Lord Mayor in Common Hall and to subsequently join the Master and Wardens at a luncheon to be held at Painter Stainers’ Hall.

Please contact the Clerk for your ticket to attend the election and to book your luncheon.

And finally…some dates for your diary

Online booking is in place for all Company events marked *. Simply follow the link to make your reservation and payment.

7 September – Company Golf Day 

14 September – Livery Halls Walk 

20 September – General Meeting, Military Awards and Luncheon at Haberdashers’ Hall

24 September – Woolmen’s Sheep Drive and Wool Fair

29 September – Common Hall – Election of Lord Mayor and Luncheon at Painter Stainers’ Hall*

16 October – Past Masters’ Dinner at Coopers’ Hall

8 November – Court Luncheon at Armourers’ Hall

11 November – The Lord Mayor’s Show

24 November – Ladies’ Banquet at Merchant Taylors’ Hall


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