Best Foot Forward for Master Jack & Cohort

On a cool clear day,  14 September 2017,  50 Masters and Wardens of 29 Livery Companies joined our Master Jack Broadley, Senior Warden Darren Marston and guides at HQS Wellington for breakfast before commencing their walk between the 40 Livery Halls in the City of London. 

With regular refreshments planned around the route, the first was an unexpected but nonetheless welcome glass of Port courtesy of the Master of the WC of Information Technologists, morning coffee was taken at Salters’ Hall and after a rapid pace the walkers arrived at the half way point, Armourers’ Hall, almost thirty minutes before they were due for luncheon. Revitalised, our walkers completed their visits of another 10 Halls before  taking afternoon tea at The Dutch Church, located opposite Furniture Makers’ Hall and having rested their, now,  weary feet and legs….. onwards to the final stage of 9 Halls. A welcome ‘glass of good cheer’ afforded through the generosity of the Fishmongers Company greeted our walkers at their final stop with an  opportunity to ponder on the day and thank their newly acquired friends for their camaraderie.



Court Assistant Sean Canty on the day:

On Thursday 14th September 2017, Master Jack Broadley led 24 other Masters of their respective Livery Companies on the 12th Annual Livery Halls Walk. Visiting all 40 Livery Halls within the city, the Masters and their cohort walked some ten miles during the day fully clothed in the robes of their office.

Before you feel too sorry for them, they started the day at Master Mariners’ with bacon rolls and Danish pastries before setting off towards the first batch of halls. They were privileged to beinvited in to the newly refurbished building which contains The Salters’ Hall for mid-morning coffee and broke for a lunch at The Armourers’ & Braziers’ Hall.

The afternoon took in the balance of the halls with a coffee break within the very lovely surroundings of the Dutch Church in Austin Friars. If you haven’t stopped by you are encouraged to do so and observe some fine examples of stained glass windows.

The finishing line was at The Fishmongers’ Hall on London Bridge where all those still standing and able to walk enjoyed a final glass of wine to celebrate their achievements.

To prove all nobody jumped into a taxi midway, a photograph of the group was taken outside each hall to commemorate the day.


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