Bringing history to life

The Environmental Cleaners is one of a growing number of Livery Companies who are supporting Livery Schools Link Ltd in their work with schools across London. One such project is focusing on the role played by trades, industries and professions behind the scenes during the Great War.

The project is the brainchild of artist Jane Churchill and run by the Livery Schools Link. It is funded by The Heritage Lottery Fund and involves 16 Livery Companies and 15 Schools. The Livery Companies are influential in obtaining funds for major projects and our work in educational activities like this is extensive.

The Livery Schools Link works with the Liveries and inner City Schools to assist children from less advantaged backgrounds to receive an enhanced educational experience at school and to have their personal aspirations raised, thereby increasing their employability and career options.

Through the ‘Echoes Across the Century’ project, students are exploring the human stories in the supply chain. This includes researching the background of key heritage objects, understanding the impact of the war on those involved and creating art work for an exhibition in their school.

The culmination of the students’ work – and schools’ exhibitions – will a major exhibition of all the work. This will be open to the public in the Guildhall Art Gallery between April and July 2017.

Shortlisted for an award
This is an important project for both Livery Companies and schools alike. It is unique and highly regarded and has been shortlisted for an award by the charity Remember WW1.

More detailed information about each stage of the project is available on the blogspot and regular newsletters will be published.

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