Non-Aldermanic Sheriff Contenders Declare Candidacy

In June the Liverymen of the several Companies elected the Sheriffs for the ensuing year and on 28 September 2017 the elected Sheriffs, Alderman Timothy Hailes and Liveryman Neil Redcliffe  were installed at a ceremony In Guildhall. 

At Common Hall, on 29 September, Liverymen met to elect the Lord Mayor for the ensuing year.  The three candidates were Alderman Charles Bowman, Alderman Peter Estlin and Alderman William Russell.  The successful candidate Alderman Charles Bowman will be sworn in at the Silent Ceremony on 10 November.

Thoughts now turn to the potential candidates for each of these positions for 2018 / 2019 – the Aldermanic Court have determined to support Vincent Keaveny as the Aldermanic Sheriff whilst the first to declare her candidacy for the Non-Aldermanic Sheriff is The Hon Elizabeth Green, Past Master Framework Knitter.

Find out more by clicking Sheriff Candidtae Rt Hon Elizabeth Green

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