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The CPD Scheme

The Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners (WCEC) is committed to raising standards within the Cleaning and Support Services profession, and encourages everyone working in the industry to actively develop their knowledge, competence and expertise. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an essential way to keep up-to-date with the latest issues and developments in the Cleaning and Support services arena; giving those who participate in the scheme a competitive edge over other practitioners and enhancing confidence and competence.

The CPD Toolkit is a self-administered method of identifying and recording learning. You are challenged to achieve a minimum level of achievement over a set period of time.

Assessment Criteria

The assessment requirements for those individuals who already hold a chartered status within an alternative field do not require a full written submission. They will be required to provide evidence of their current Charter status then present to a panel of 3 individuals appointed from the CPR / Education Committee (and approved other individuals).
As with all other submissions these as detailed in Section F.
These activities will take place quarterly throughout the year.
Feedback will be provided by the panel.
Any applicant not achieving the required marks will be invited to resubmit once only within one calendar month.
Any further need for resubmission will require the candidate to reapply with the appropriate payment made.

Scope of Submission

The submission will include a copy of the applicant’s current Charter status. This must include copy of the original certificate and evidence of subsequent CPD achievement for their ongoing retention of such status.

There is no requirement to submit a dissertation.


The applicant’s achievement of Element F; the presentation and interview must demonstrate that they have met the defined competence requirements from all the five key elements (A-E), reflecting directly on their experience, their knowledge and their skills for which they will be marked accordingly against the assessment outcomes.
The marking criteria (competence standards) for all elements draw upon the following minimum core criteria, which are applicable to the assessment of most of or all of the assignments:

  • understanding of the subject
  • utilisation of recognised technical, professional and academic sources
  • relevance of material selected and of the arguments proposed
  • planning and organisation
  • logical coherence
  • critical evaluation
  • comprehensiveness of research
  • evidence of synthesis
  • innovation / creativity / originality

Presentation Criteria

  • Headings in bold Calibri 14pt
  • Text in Calibri 11pt
  • All the submission should be in double line spacing.

Failure to adhere to the criteria will result in the submission being returned.
Further information available via the ‘Materials’ tab on this page.

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