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The assessment of each submission will be marked by 3 individuals appointed from the CPR / Education Committee (and approved other individuals). The same 3 individuals will be the panel for the presentation and interview as detailed in Section F. These activities will take place three or four times on predetermined dates throughout the year, and be reviewed as the demand requires.

Feedback will be provided by the panel, Firstly at the time of the written submission and secondly after the interview.

Any applicant not achieving the required marks will be invited to resubmit their written submission once only within one calendar month of notification.

Any applicant not achieving the required marks following interview will be invited to one further interview only.

Any further need for resubmission will require the candidate to reapply with the appropriate payment made.


The submission will include completion of a submission (approximately 10,000 words in length, 10% will be allowed either way) demonstrating that the applicant has met the defined competence requirements from all the five key elements (A-E).

The submission should directly reflect the experience, the knowledge and the skills of the applicant.


The marking criteria (competence standards) for all elements draw upon the following minimum core criteria, which are applicable to the assessment of most of or all of the assignments:

  • understanding of the subject
  • utilisation of recognised technical, professional and academic sources
  • relevance of material selected and of the arguments proposed
  • planning and organisation
  • logical coherence
  • critical evaluation
  • comprehensiveness of research
  • innovation / creativity / originality

The language used must be of a sufficient and suitable standard to permit assessment of the above criteria.

These minimum core criteria form a part of professionally measurable standards and as such would not usually be subject to any modification; any submission concerning reasonable adjustments for disability should be submitted as an annex to the submission.

Download full documentation via the ‘Materials’ tab.

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