Dress code and protocols (Ladies Banquet)

Dress code and protocols
Members are also reminded to refer to the Company’s Dress Code and Etiquette Document and to ensure that their guests are dressed accordingly and are aware of the protocols.

These notes are for the guidance of members and particularly important for new Freemen and Liverymen or for Guests who have little or no experience of formal dining in the City. It is hoped that they will help to make our evening at Stationers’ Hall enjoyable for all who take part and especially for the Guests of the Company.

All are based on courtesy and consideration for others.

For gentlemen the dress code consists of a black dinner suit, black shoes, white evening shirt and black bow tie. Cummerbunds are not worn. Decorations are not normally worn. Note: no other colours are normally seen in the City. FORMAL Highland Dress is acceptable but must be worn with a black tie.

The rules for ladies are less prescriptive but ladies are generally urged to err on the side of caution and be conservative. Ladies should wear a long dress; shoulders should be covered and the neckline must be modest.

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