Environmental Cleaners opens doors

City of London livery companies may have their roots in the past, but they have a big part to play in modern London life, offering outstanding opportunities to network with industry colleagues and take part in social and community activities. The Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners is no exception and it recently held an event for prospective new members at the Bucks Club, London.

At the event, people who work in environmental cleaning or associated industries were able to mix with senior members and find out more about how the Environmental Cleaners operates. The latest event was attended by the Environmental Cleaners’ Master and a number of Liverymen and Freemen who were able to share their experiences.

The 200 members of the Environmental Cleaners include managers and directors working in cleaning and support services, from most of the top companies in the sector, as well as manufacturers and suppliers to our industry.

As well as the chance to network, attendees were entertained by Bucks Club member and watch enthusiast, Nick Palliser, who gave a talk about watches, and the passion and commitment of watch makers.

Freeman Robin Kell, of Ark Pest Control Ltd, said it was: “…an incredible night…Amazing venue, incredible watches and talk on the subject – the 1840 ‘fitbit’ was fascinating!”

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