Let me take you by the hand…

…and lead you through the streets of London.

Furniture Makers’ Hall

There was a new pied piper, Liveryman Sean Canty, leading the Masters around various Livery Halls on the annual walk organised by the Environmental Cleaners in September.

The event has quickly become a key date in London Livery companies’ calendars and it is quite a sight to see over 40 robed and hatted Masters, Wardens, Clerks and other Liverymen strolling the streets of the City. A number of participants were stopped by passers-by asking what was going on, so had the opportunity to explain the nature of Livery companies to a new audience.

HQS Wellington

A new route was introduced this year, starting with breakfast on the HQS Wellington on Victoria Embankment. The Masters then visited nine halls before stopping for a well-earned mid-morning break at the Barber Surgeons’ Hall. As well as getting a much needed drink, most of the walkers marvelled at the painting of Henry VIII by Hans Holbein the Younger which hangs in the main hall and at the Barber Surgeons’ Hall itself.

Barber Surgeons’ Hall

The intrepid travellers then moved on to the newly re-opened Salters’ Hall and, after a further eight halls, stopped for lunch at The Armourers’ Hall. During the break the Clerk to the Armourers’ and Brasiers’ Company gave a brief history of the company and the hall.

Glaziers’ Hall

After a lovely lunch – and one or two glasses of wine – with temperatures reaching 28°C and the Masters wearing their gowns of office, the afternoon walk was a little testing. However, a further 18 halls were visited and all walkers should be commended on reaching the penultimate destination of the Glaziers’ Hall.

Southwark Cathedral

There was one last gathering which was hosted at Southwark Cathedral before all departed for a cold shower and to rest their weary feet.

We’d like to thank Sean for leading the walk for the first time and Stephen Wright for conceiving the idea and leading the first 10 walks – those are some shoes to fill Sean!

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