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Livery Schools Link is a voluntary organisation that aims to promote support for schools in the Greater London area by the Livery Companies of the City of London and their members. Our aim is to assist children and young people from less advantaged backgrounds to receive an enhanced educational experience at school and to have their personal aspirations raised, thereby increasing their employability and career options.

We seek to act as the link between schools in need of help and members of the Livery who wish to offer assistance in any form. After a successful pilot, on Wednesday 6 September, we held the official launch  of the LSL Volunteering Platform where our objective now is to encourage more schools to join the platform and to reach out for more volunteers (currently we have 23 schools and 55 volunteers which is a great start).

To help promote to volunteers within Livery Companies, we have the news article above as a resource you can now link to. I’ve also attached PDF versions of leaflets we have created that can be emailed to potential volunteers and any schools that you consider would benefit from the support being offered on the platform.

 Our Livery Company was in the pilot that led up to the launch  and is signed up ready to accept volunteers.

You could join us in Tweeting and promoting on social media (or retweeting what we posted on Social Media with a comment):

Let me if you have any questions or thoughts and if there is any other support we can provide, for more information please see the document link below:


LSL-VolunteeringPlatform-for-Schools Combined



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