Making progress

April is always a time of change within the Environmental Cleaners, but it’s very much a case of ‘evolution not revolution’ with people well prepared for their new role during the preceding year. Unlike the world of American politics, the Environmental Cleaners believe experience is the way to go. With many traditions to uphold and a modern livery company to lead, you’d expect nothing less.

Most members will be aware of the early stages of participation; applicants become Freemen, then Freemen become Liveryman (once they are Freemen of the City of London). For many that is as far as they want to go.

For others – after around two years at this stage – there are a couple of options for progressing further in the company. Whether joining a committee or becoming a Steward, members gain a valuable insight into the running of the company and, as they move onward to the Court, an increasing role in shaping its success.

After this those in the chain of progression take on a succession of roles beginning with Junior Warden, moving through Senior Warden, onto Master and then Deputy Master. This means people have a couple of years working with other senior members to prepare for their Master’s year, and the benefit of someone who’s been through it all to advise them.

The Master elect for 2017/18 is Jack Broadley, who as some of you will know served as Master before in 2003/04, so the company is in excellent hands. He will be ably supported by Philip Morrish as Deputy Master, Darren Marston as Senior Warden and, another Past Master, Barrie Torbett as Junior Warden.

There are undoubtedly challenges ahead, but this team looks experienced enough to handle them.

Tickets to the Installation Ceremony and subsequent banquet are available on the website.

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