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I have experienced many wonderful things in my time as Master of the Environmental Cleaners – a year that has unfortunately flown by incredibly quickly. One of the most rewarding and fulfilling was my recent visit to The Treloar’s Trust School and College. I was one of the Livery Masters accompanying the Lord Mayor of the City of London (and Freeman of our Company), Andrew Parmley, on an annual visit.

I first became aware of our Company’s association with Treloar’s in 2011/12, when Peter Holt was our Master and he made the school and college his charity for the year. Once we’d become associated with them it was impossible not to maintain the relationship; we developed a soft spot for them, and we like to think they have one for us! I’d like to thank Maureen our Clerk, in particular, for fostering the relationship.

Going to the Treloar’s Trust was very important to me as it demonstrated the value of our charitable work. This is something that can often be overlooked in the midst of other events and business. Seeing the outcomes of the charitable work, not just numbers on a spreadsheet, is so important. I myself hadn’t appreciated how special and inspirational a place Treloar’s was until my visit.

Everyone at Treloar’s is focused on the students’ futures. They know their job is to maximise young people’s independence and help them gain the skills they need to get the best from life. Although there are students with severe and complex physical disabilities, that is not what you see when you attend. I was struck by the wonderful personalities that shone through above all else.

These are not young people who are limited by their disabilities. Instead, Treloar’s helps them achieve their very best, academically and in other fields, as is evidenced by the fact that there is a long-established link to the Paralympics with several former students taking part in the Paralympic Games, including a number at the Rio games in 2016, one of whom won gold!

It’s not just sporting achievements either, with the support of Jocelyn Watkins, Head of Music at Treloar’s – a former Classic FM Special Education Needs Music Teacher of the Year – students perform at the annual fundraising gala dinner at Mansion House, among other events.

Treloar’s wouldn’t exist without supporters like the Environmental Cleaners and I am very proud of our association and the help that we are giving to the staff and pupils at this exemplar school and college. Of course, it’s not the only charity we support – there are so many worthy appeals. Details of recipients of our funding have been published on our website, and I’d like to thank everyone who contributes to our Charitable Trust and donates their time in support of so many great causes.

When you see the faces of the people you’ve helped it is so special and really brings home the importance of our charity work, which is after all one of the central tenets of our livery company.

Philip Morrish 
Master of the Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners


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