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Master’s Blog – It’s a matter of chemistry

To the outsider, livery companies may seem like exclusive clubs or like ‘closed shops’ with their focus on individual professions. However, I see this focus as something that actually brings people together rather than excluding them, and I’m sure our other members agree.

After all, my connection to environmental cleaning comes from my role as a City industry and company analyst where I worked in both the UK chemical and waste management sectors, rather than direct industry involvement. And I’ve progressed through the company to become Master! Environmental cleaning is such a diverse sector that there’s all sorts of ways to be involved.

Cleaning is not a dry topic either, the guest speaker at our recent Ladies Banquet was Lesley Thomson who writes crime novels starring a cleaner.

What really unites us is people. Smart buildings, smart devices, robotics and the like will undoubtedly influence some aspects of the more mundane industrial and commercial cleaning processes – indeed some of our members are driving this forward in our industry – but the heart of our work is based on relationships.

It’s our ‘chemistry’ with our clients, suppliers and employees that makes us successful. Being part of the Environmental Cleaners helps us develop the success ‘elements’ and get the desired ‘reactions’.

Philip Morrish 
Master of the Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners

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