Procedure for Admission to the Freedom and Livery

  1. A candidate for Freedom of the Company shall be sponsored by two members of the company, a Liveryman and a Court Member, one of whom must sign the application form on personal knowledge of the applicant.
  2. The Sponsor shall be responsible for the completion of a Proposal Form, and arranging with the Clerk for the candidate to be interviewed.
  3. Apart from the general standing of the candidate, particular weight will be given to the following factors:
    • How well he or she is known to the Sponsor(s)
    • Whether the Sponsor(s) is/are active in the affairs of the Company
    • Whether the candidate has attended as a guest at any of the Company’s functions, and has thus had an opportunity of gaining an impression of the Company
    • The candidate’s connection with the industry and/or the City of London.
  4. If the candidate’s application is favourably received, his or her details will be circulated to members of the Finance and General Purposes Committee who will make a recommendation to the Court of Assistants as to the acceptance or rejec­tion of the candidate. Copies of the application will be distributed to the Committee and to the Court.
  5. It should be noted that in the event of an application being rejected, the applicant will be advised, but no reason will be given.
  6. Should the Court of Assistants approve the candidate, he or she will be invited by the Clerk to attend a subsequent meeting of the Court in order to be Admitted to the Freedom of the Company.
  7. Before attending the Court to be Admitted, the candidate must pay to the Company the Fine on Admission. And, pay the annual subscription (Quarterage), payable by direct debit.
  8. The candidate is also expected to make an annual commitment to a voluntary contribution the Company’s Charity Fund, which is currently an expected annual minimum of £120 as an individual or £2,500 as a Company, payable by Banker’s Order and a Gift Aid declaration.
  9. A Freeman will be expected to take part in the activities of the Company, and his or her advancement to Livery will depend on his or her level of involvement in the Company’s affairs and attendance at functions, as well as promptly paying the annual Quarterage charge.
  10. When a Freeman is invited to be clothed in the Livery of the Company, due notice will be given by the Clerk, and the Freeman will be expected to:
    • Provide evidence of having been Admitted as a Freeman of the City of London
    • Pay the Fine on Admission to Livery if not already paid
    • Be available on the offered date.
  11. A Freeman who decides not to proceed to Livery shall remain a Freeman and be entitled to attend Company functions, which are not exclusive to Liverymen.


  • Reference above to Sponsor shall mean Sponsor or Sponsors.
  • In cases of Admission by Patrimony (that is when a candidate has been born to the parent after the parent was Admitted to Livery) and Admission by Servitude (that is when the candidate has been indentured for a period as an apprentice to a Liveryman of the Company), the Fines on Admission are lower than those for Admission by Redemption. However, Admission is still subject to interview.
  • Admission by Servitude will only be permitted where the parent is active within the Company.
  • It is the responsibility of Sponsors to ensure a candidate is aware that he or she will be expected to make an annual voluntary donation to the Company’s Charity Fund.