On the Flip Side

Livery activities are not confined to just our own Worshipful Company and across the year there are a number of inter-livery competitions, including Inter Livery Ski Championships, clay pigeon shooting and livery golf events.

One very colourful event is The City’s inter-livery pancake race. The event takes place each year in Guildhall yard at midday on Shrove Tuesday by kind permission of the Chief Commoner.


Traditionally, the Gunmakers start each heat with a bang, the Clerk to the Clockmakers is responsible for the accuracy of the timing, the Fruiterers provide lemons, the Cutlers plastic forks, the Glovers white gloves worn by each runner, and the Poulters the eggs essential in the making of the pancakes.

Any surplus funds from the event and pancake sales are donated to the Lord Mayor‘s Charity.

The team from the Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners sadly didn’t bring home one of the frying pan trophies, perhaps unlike the other teams, they were more concerned about not making a mess!


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