Our structure

The Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners (the Environmental Cleaners for short) may appear somewhat confusing to an outsider but in reality is quite simple.

The Company operates a flat management structure. The Court is the company’s executive board that receives support and advice from its Non-voting Past Masters. The Court has established a number of key committees that report directly to it. These committees cannot commit the Environmental Cleaners to any commercial agreement without the express authority of the Court and, typically, the Finance & General Purposes committee (‘F&GP’) supervises all agreements.

The F&GP, on behalf of the Court, supervises all the Company’s finances and general administration, undertakes strategic and development analysis as well as interviews new members. The F&GP committee reports directly to the Court.

The Membership & Communications committee has a wide remit focused upon the delivery of member communications and membership development.

The Chartered Practitioners committee is developing the Company’s register of chartered practitioners that will serve to enhance further the growing professional recognition of the environmental cleaning industries.

The Education committee maintains and develops the Company’s connections with a broad range of educational groups.

The Military Connections committee maintains and develops the Company’s connections with its affiliated units across all three services from the regulars and territorials through to cadet units.

See our Company structure for more information.

Charitable Trust

The Environmental Cleaners, incorporated by Royal Charter, established a Charitable Trust in 1976 that is wholly independent of but actively supported by the members of the Company.