Past Masters

John Shonfeld

Having joined the long list of re cycled Masters , I was happy to take the helm during the covid period. which turned my year into nearly 18 months.
So into the unknown we set off dealing with a shut down of the livery , meetings and the Livery Halls.
On top of this dealing as we all were with a shut down of our businesses and customers.

Our meetings between the officers were by zoom and the main topic was how to engage with our membership and ensure the livery remains viable.
So we had a number of entertaining and business related webinars and our popular monthly beer and wine with the Master quickly became a quiz.

The webinars ranged from the living wage to post covid travel with Sir Michael Hodgkinson.
I zoomed over 240 events sometimes doing three a day.
When eventually we had our first live court in July 2021 60 plus members attended.
But the biggest achievement in my time was the work of Education the monthly meetings concentrating on the Royal Charter resulted in the  grant in July 2021.
Followed by our first 10 members achieving this award on September 20th 2021.
An achievement we our rightly proud of which lifts the WCEC to the professional level it deserves.

My year was completed on 17 th September with my installation as Master then immediately as Deputy Master followed by a dinner at the Mansion house with Ex Lord Mayor Alderman Sir Andrew Palmley.
At that stage it was for me to thank everyone, officers , chair and learned Clerk
and congratulate our new Master, wishing him the best for his year with less zoom and more live events.

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