What is a Livery Company and what does it do?

What are the benefits from being a member?

How do I join?

How long will it take before I become a Liveryman?

How much will it cost in the first year?

How many events do I have to attend each year and how much does it cost?

How do I get sponsors for my application?

How do I progress to serve on the Court?

How long do I have to serve before I get onto the progression list to becoming Master?

What military affiliations do you have?

Where do the Trustees’ charity donations go?

How much does it cost to be Master for one year?

How do I get chosen to serve on a Committee?

Am I expected to give an annual donation to the Company Charity fund and if so how much?

Can my business organisation join?

Where else can I get information about the Livery movement?