The Stewards give a warm welcome to all guests and make sure they are properly attired to be greeted by the Master and introduced to their hosts. They also ensure everyone knows where they are seated and answer any questions prior to entering the dining room.

All new Freemen become Stewards for a period of up to 2 years because this is the best way to get to know all of the Liverymen, strengthen relationships and to help them to progress to being a Liveryman and hopefully progress further in the Livery.

Senior Steward (Liveryman) Kevin Robson (2023)
Liveryman Susan Bartholomew (2023)
Freeman Amanda Donnachie (2024)
Freeman Werner du Plessis (2024)
Freeman Angela Gill (2024)
Liveryman Sarah Henstock (2023)
Liveryman Ian Robson (2023)
Freeman Adam Speck (2023)
Liveryman Roy Winters (2023)