The Founder and Founding Members



Eric Walter Francis Hill TD

The Guild of Master Cleaners, as it was formerly known, was founded on 22 October 1972 and became a livery company on 22 October 1986. There were 44 founder members.

At the annual Installation Banquet and the Ladies Banquet, a toast is given by the most senior Past Master present to the memory of the Founder, using the words “The Founder – Eric Walter Francis Hill”.  Eric Hill was also the founder the British Institute of Cleaning Science. He died on Tuesday 11 September 1990.

Founder Members

Gordon Davies#* (First Master of the Guild)
Donald Pearse* (1st First Senior Warden of the Guild)
David Williams#* (1st Junior Warden of the Guild)
Lord Ashcroft
Anthony O’Connor#
John Ayres#*
James Pendle#
Ronald Ayres
George Perkins#
Brain Barclay*#
Peter Pritchard
Alan Berry
Harold Russell#
George Clayton#
Maurice Ryer
Henry Courtney
Mark Silver
Milton Davis
Mervyn Silver
Patrick Doyle#
Paul Silver
Edward Evans
Dr Brian Smith*
John Fraser#
David Smith#
Sidney Gordon
Phillip Turner#
Robert Goymour
Theo van der Pasch#
Eric Green*
Alan Vause*
Reginald Hall
Gordon Warren
Doreen Heyes#
David Watt*
Adrian Hurd
Donald Wells*
Leslie James
Harold Whiting*
Eric Laker#
Stanley Wilby
Lt. Col. Ian Little*#
Robert Wilson
John Morris

*Past Masters  #Deceased