The Court

Master John C Shonfeld
Deputy Master Barrie P Torbett
Senior Warden Gary G Fage
Junior Warden James Melvin
Past Master (2018–2019 & 2013-2014) Maureen A Marden
Past Master (2017–2018) John (Jack) R Broadley
Past Master (2016-2017) Philip Morrish
Honorary Assistant/Almoner/Clerk Emeritus Michael Bizley
Assistant David Amos (2020)
Assistant Christopher Broadley (2022)
Assistant Ceris Burns (2022)
Assistant Sean Canty (2020)
Assistant Gary Henstock (2022)
Assistant Ashley Hoadley (2020)
Assistant Lorraine Larman (2020)
Assistant Darren Marston (2022)
Assistant Kevin Meighan (2022)
Assistant James Metzger (2022)
Assistant Philip Smith (2020)
Assistant Michael Stubbs (2020)
Assistant Stephen Waud (2022)
Assistant Lynn Webster (2022)
Assistant Jamie Wright (2022)
Assistant Nigel Cotterill (2023)
Assistant Joanne Long (2023)
Assistant Lorraine Thomas (2023)
Clerk Philip Morrish

Voting Members; Officers, Honorary Assistants, Past Masters and Assistants.

The Court comprises the Master, Deputy Master, Senior and Junior Wardens, and not less than six nor more than 20 Assistants and the three most recent Past Masters. Assistants shall be elected in the first instance for a period of three years and be subject to re-election every three years after that, unless they are elected as an Officer and subsequently become a Past Master. Those Past Master who are four years or more beyond the Chair may attend the Court and speak but are not allowed to vote.

Honorary Treasurer may attend but note vote unless a Court Assistant or Honorary Court Assistant in his own right, e.g., Kevin Lapwood. The Almoner may attend but not vote unless a Court Assistant or Honorary Court Assistant in his own right, e.g., Michael Bizley.

The Court meets at least five times each year.

General Meetings of the Company

There are usually two General Meetings of the Company, this year 15 May for the election of new Assistants to the Court and 24 September for approval of the annual accounts, and any other appropriate matters. All members of the Livery and Freemen are advised of the General meetings and may attend and vote.