Where we meet

172K-_162 copySince 2004, we have used the Armourers’ Hall, at 81 Coleman Street EC2 (home to the Worshipful Company of Armourers and Braziers) as our base.

We hold our Court Meetings and Luncheons in the Hall and our Charity Trustees Meeting and our Finance and General Purposes Meeting is held in the Court Room. We also store livery property such as our gowns, silver, artefacts and other treasures here.

We have four prestigious meetings away from the Hall to accommodate greater numbers of diners:

  • The Installation Banquet, Mansion House (normally April)
  • The Military Awards Luncheon (September)
  • The Ladies Banquet, (November)
  • The Livery Dinner (January).

Our Past Masters Dinner is also held in another location.

For more information on the Armourers’ Hall, see the Brief History page.

Previous homes

Up until 1995 the Environmental Cleaners had used St Olave’s Hall for its meetings. Between 1995 and 2004 we used Wax Chandlers’ Hall in Gresham Street for Court meetings and lunches.