Livery People

The most important person in a Livery Company is the Master in some cases known as the Prime Warden and in one case the Upper Bailiff —who serves for one year. Before he or she becomes Master he or she will have been a Warden and served for some years on the Court of Assistants, a Livery Company’s governing body. The administrative work of the Company is carried out by the Clerk who can be likened to a Chief Executive. Most Companies also have a Beadle who assists the Master and Wardens on ceremonial occasions and acts as custodian, butler or executive.

Nowadays not all the Livery Companies have Halls. Over the centuries many Companies’ Halls were lost through fire or enemy action and now there are only 40 Halls with six dating back to the 17th century. Instead of a Hall the Master Mariners’ Company has a Sloop, HQS Wellington.