The Master’s Year

As his year as Master comes to a close, Timothy Doyle reflects on his time leading the Worshipful Company:

“My time as Master has certainly been a busy one – I have attended four royal engagements and 120 functions over the course of the year – so it is hard to choose the highlights.

One that does stand out has to be the Master’s weekend in Salcombe, Devon, which I hosted recently. As well as wonderful food, drink and company, we raised £1,600 for the Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners Charity Trust and made £2,200 surplus for the company. Thank you to everyone who came along and was so generous.

Master's weekend

Raising money for the less fortunate is an important part of our function as a Worshipful Company and I’m delighted that over my year as Master so far, we have raised nearly £56k for charity.

It is also terrific to see that Member interest is high; we had one of our most well attended Court Lunch’s last month and have admitted 18 new members and elected a full Court in the past year.

All of the above could not have been achieved without lots of support from fellow members and I am very grateful for their backing.

I became Master to make a difference… I believe that has been achieved but only others can determine that, and hopefully carry on the growth of the company and its success.”

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