Membership is open for anyone who is or has been engaged in, or closely connected with, the trade of Environmental Cleaning or associated trade or trades or occupations.

New members are known as Freemen. To be made a Freeman of the Company is a significant honour and one which is bestowed only after careful consideration by the Court of Assistants.

Being a Freeman of the City of London remains a unique part of London’s history and many people who have lived or worked in the City have been proud to be admitted as a Freeman. Today most of the practical reasons for obtaining the Freedom of the City have disappeared, but it maintains its desirability.

The Freedom of the City of London is administered by the Clerk to the Chamberlains’ Court at Guildhall. All Freedom applications (other than those by Patrimony or Servitude) to the Chamberlain’s Court are then approved by the Court of Aldermen.

It is a pre-requisite to becoming a liveryman of any livery company that you must first have become a Freeman of the City. The usual order would be:

  • Freedom of the (livery) Company
  • Freedom of the City
  • Livery of the Company

A liveryman is a freeman of the City of London, who is entitled to wear the livery of the ancient guild or city district to which he belongs and to vote in the election of Lord Mayor, chamberlain, and other municipal and honorary officers.

Benefits of Membership

Alongside our shared professional interests and the opportunity to network with people who work in the environmental cleaning industries, there is a strong social dimension to the Environmental Cleaners as members get to know their industry colleagues at meetings and functions. Members can also invite family and friends to banquets and other events staged in some of London’s finest and most historic buildings.

You can mix and network with other livery companies across the different trades as well.

Membership Enquiry

Becoming a Member

Prospective new members of the Environmental Cleaners must find a proposer and seconder. Our Membership Committee can help introduce you if you do not know a member. Please complete the form above to express your interest.

Why Join the WCEC?

We asked several members of the Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners (WCEC) to tell us about their careers and the benefits of being part of this respected livery company...

Elijah Howell

Elijah Howell

Ceris Burns

Ceris Burns

Chris Luxton

Chris Luxton