On first joining the company you become a Freeman (and can later become a Liveryman) of the Environmental Cleaners. Freedom of the Company is open for persons who are or have been – in the opinion of the Court – engaged in, or closely connected with, the trade of Environmental Cleaning or associated trade or trades or occupations.

Prospective new members of the Environmental Cleaners have to be introduced by existing Members, as they do for many clubs and societies. Members are encouraged to put forward people from within the industry whom they consider suitable.

To be made a Freeman of the Company is a significant honour and one which is bestowed only after careful consideration by the Court of Assistants.

New Membership Grades

We have recently introduced three exciting new routes to membership of the Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners, which we hope will greatly enhance our growth potential for the future.

Corporate Membership

Allows industry organisations to join as a whole, with 3 delegated individuals from within that organisation joining as Corporate Members for a fixed period of time. The package offers a combination of places at key events as well and PR exposure as well as delivering significant sponsorship funds and charity contributions. It also allows those delegated individuals to begin their own personal journey towards full Livery membership should they so desire.

We hope that Corporate Membership will also promote the Worshipful Company more widely across the UK to attract interest from organisations and individuals outside of the City of London and it’s environs.

Pathway Membership

To create a membership route for individuals who are possibly new to the industry or younger and looking to grow their knowledge of the environmental cleaning sector at the start of their business careers, the Court approved the Pathway Membership grade. Allowing a lower cost entry, designed to deliver a ‘try before you buy’ option, Pathway Members will be individually mentored and guided by the Worshipful Company again with a view to embarking on their own Livery journey within an agreed timeframe.

Military Membership

The Worshipful Company has always fostered very strong links with each strand of the Armed Forces and particularly with its cadets, recognising individuals each year at our Military Awards Luncheon. From this point onwards, winners of Military Awards will be presented with a lifetime membership as part of the awards package. Similarly to the other grades, our award winners will be mentored and guided by the Worshipful Company towards full membership at some stage in the future.